This is part two of the so-obvious-productivity advice serie sponsored by an anonymous procrastinator. Part1 is here.

No secret here, delegating work is surely the best way to increase a team or single person productivity. While you work, others work for you to and by the end of the day, more work has been done than a single person could have achieved by himself/herself.

But delegating work often means picking up the phone to call someone, sending email or meeting up with a freelancer or service provider. And we tend to see these activities as less important than our main work, whether it’s writing code, building a new kitchen or cold calling 50 new clients. So the communication necessary to delegate work is pushed back further and further into the day, and often to the next day. And that’s where we lose.

Delegate work first thing in the morning and it will get done sooner.

I know crazy idea. And that means sending a few emails to start the day or picking up the phone and you have no time to do that because you have to fix another damn bug or put up a new wall. But do it anyway. Now.

I did send 2 emails to delegate work before writing this. Do it.