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December 11, 2017

55 Sud. Beaubien / Clark. 12/11/2017 9:32pm

Je ne me souviens jamais du froid. Comme une amnésie annuelle. Pourtant il fait partie de nos vies depuis toujours. Son mordant, sa morsure. Comment tout change, ralentit. Le champ sonore, des pas sur le trottoir aux moteurs qui hésitent. Les sourires plus crispés à l’arrêt de bus des voyageurs néanmoins heureux de ne pas - Read More -

September 12, 2015

The Privilege of the Future (SweCon 2015 GoH Speech)

Le plus gros truc que j’ai lu depuis un temps. Futur. Changement. Condition humaine. Pessimisme vs Optimisme. “We live in capitalism. Its power seems inescapable. So did the divine right of kings. […] And once upon a time, human civilization made other, similar assumptions. That no economy could survive the abolition of slavery. That no - Read More -

January 23, 2013

Mobile UI Trick: Automatic Anchoring

I’ve been using Prismatic as my news reader for a few months and it’s slowly winning over Flipboard, mainly for the quality of the feed it builds for me, based on my interests. But it also has one nifty UI trick I hadn’t seen before in a mobile app. Although the feed itself is a - Read More -

December 12, 2012

When the legs are good

A quote I hope to be able to say at least once over the next 12 months. Here’s Patrick Garcia who won the Jemez Moutain Trail Run 50M this year. “Having completely fresh legs at mile 20 is a GREAT feeling, and I think that’s when I really decided to make a good run at - Read More -

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