First thing you do is delegating work right? So what’s next?

There’s always something you have to do in a day that truly sucks. One item on your TODO list you are avoiding over and over again.

You usually get to it somewhere in the afternoon. By that time, you convince yourself you’ll do it tomorrow, that now is not a good time because you’re getting tired and you’ve worked hard all day. And you’re right.

For some people it’s going to the gym, for me it usually involves accounting. We all have at least one recurring task we always push back to tomorrow.

And you will repeat the same pattern tomorrow and the day after… and again.

Do it right away. Don’t think about it. Do it now. Not second, not third, do it first. The rest of the day will feel like a sinecure.

If the task is sending an email, you ought yourself to read this post by Julien Smith.