Here's my new Behance stickers in action - freeform notes on the tight, tasks on the left.

This is going to sounds like the most obvious advice ever, but it’s not. And you might think it comes from a master of procrastination, and it kinda does.

When you find yourself working on a difficult task for an extended period of time with none or little progress, your morale take a hit.

One of the reason why is you don’t have any feeling of accomplishment, fulfillment or utility.

But all it takes is one significant task completed per day and things change a bit. You simply feel better.

What makes this much more difficult than it sounds, is that you are sure you are doing the most important thing you can be doing at that moment. Anything that would divert you from completing the ‘big-long-and-might-one-day-be-completed’ task is seen as a destructive distraction. And it’s true, except for that one task that will make you feel better today.

For me today it’s probably writing this post as my main task will need another half-day of work.

Have you cross something off your list today ?