Poor little guy...

Here’s how I feel about starting up a techno company with a so-called innovative idea after 5 months. The tone is a bit different than after the first month.

  • You are stressed all the time.
  • You get pity look once a week. Would happen more often if you’d leave the office more.
  • You feel pressured to launch asap for no good reasons. ‘lean blah blah blah’ ‘profitable in 2 hours blah blah lean puppy diarrhea’
  • You forget to shower daily.
  • You start blaming your superstar developer for features that do no even exist on hosting plans you don’t need.
  • You haven’t watched the Habs loosing the series.
  • Your girlfriend still has no clue what you’re doing and where you were at 1AM on a Thursday nite.
  • You miss all the good days to go cycling. When you look outside, it’s raining. Spring in Montreal is great.
  • The TODO list never gets shorter. It creates its own verticals.
  • Hiring is ridiculously long and hard. And sometimes a Big Apple defeats you ;-)
  • You start thinking that your friends in the online porn business have it way too easy.
  • Just when you’re about to go live, some smart-ass tells you that without the proper marketing plan it are already too late.

So you better pick an idea that is fun to code so at least you can enjoy some solitary pleasures.

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