I had been postponing to write this for a couple weeks, but a link shared on PostRank Twitter account left me no choice but to hurry up.

Social Media Monitoring is now an essential part of any brand, corp or product marketing plan. Between tools like Radian6, BuzzMetrics, TechRigy, one can also use free tools like Google Alerts to monitor mentions of keywords or brand name in the news. It’s way too late to get any decent readership with a “How to Monitor Your Brand With Google Alerts” but add a SocialMention.com feed to the mix and you just spiced up an old recipe, allowing monitoring of social media platforms. And everybody likes good free online reputation monitoring tools.

Btw, SocialMention is a great social media search engine developed by Jon Cianciullo in Ottawa.

Social Mention monitors 80+ social media properties directly including: Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, YouTube, Digg, Google etc.

SocialMention also uses Backtype API to monitor blog comments.

So that’s what this guy did and he created a video tutorial to show how to do it. Super simple.

So what I am adding to this ?

Well, one problem with this method (and with most monitoring services) is that you can rapidly get an avalanche of alerts and you will most likely spend a good amount of time flying through the list to see what could be relevant. On top of that, that does not tell you the reach or range of influence of these results. You’ll have to look it up yourself to see if these links where bookmared on delicious, shared on twitter, if they have comments and so on. Lengthy process.

The magic trick ? PostRank by AideRSS.

PostRank is a scoring system developed by AideRSS to rank any kind of online content, such as RSS feed items, blog posts, articles, or news stories. PostRank is based on social engagement, which refers to how interesting or relevant people have found an item or category to be. Examples of engagement include writing a blog post in response to someone else, bookmarking an article, leaving a comment on a blog, or clicking a link to read a news item.

Available as a GreaseMonkey Script or a FireFox extension, it will basically gives a 0 to 10 ranking score to any item in your Google Reader List and allows you to filter out result based on their PostRank score. Look at your Google Alerts + postrankSocialMention feed in list mode and instantly know which one are worth looking at, based on the social engagement they generated.

That’s it, a cheap and manageable Online Reputation Management tool. Not perfect, but worth trying.

If you need more info about integrating PostRank with Google Reader, look at this.


Both (mine and Intelligendo) explanation kinda skimp over what you should be monitoring.

Marty Weintraub create a great tutorial on how to do this and how to choose search terms for monitoring