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January 20, 2010

How Swix Stole My Startup Idea … and Did It Very Well !

I am about to deliver a big project to a client and I am playing with different ideas on what to do next. Had (yet another) idea couple weeks ago and sent an email to my friend Duncan Moore to validate. Here’s the mail : As more and more brands, agencies, producer and individuals disseminate - Read More -

December 2, 2009

What’s wrong with User Ranking so far? Relevancy !

As the web enters a more user-centric era where conversations can be gold mines,  you will soon need the ability to filter content and news based on the influence level of the messenger to cut through the noise. If you are looking for good blogs or discussions about Django (my current framework of development), you - Read More -

November 25, 2009

Finding early posters of good content on Delicious

Image via Wikipedia When trying to identify early influencers and pool of knowledge around a certain topic or industry, finding early poster/commenter is one simple trick often used. Not very complex, but it often leads to other links and users and help shape how the information started to spread. Backtweets is great to see who - Read More -

August 25, 2009

Quelques liens et découvertes – 20 juillet – 20 août 2009

Parce que parfois nos tweets passent tout droit, mais qu’ils valent la peine d’être lus Ma première utilisation de, une excellente initiative de VisibleGovernment, qui se dévoue à rendre à rendre les l’accès aux informations gouvernemental plus simples et plus transparents, a récemment lancé, une application web permettant de soumettre un problème - Read More -

June 19, 2009

Tips to choose an Online Reputation Monitoring vendor

The Online Reputation Monitoring tools market is growing at a fast pace as more and more company understand and express the need to listen to what’s being said about their market, products and competitors online, evaluate the influence of these conversations and analyze the sentiment expressed. There’s now a gazillion way to do it, from - Read More -

June 12, 2009

GoogleReader + SocialMention + PostRank = ORM for free ;-)

I had been postponing to write this for a couple weeks, but a link shared on PostRank Twitter account left me no choice but to hurry up. Social Media Monitoring is now an essential part of any brand, corp or product marketing plan. Between tools like Radian6, BuzzMetrics, TechRigy, one can also use free tools - Read More -