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January 7, 2011

Recruiting students into startup : Bridgecamp and HackNY

I just read  Fred Wilson post on Talent and Bandwidth where he states the obvious need for NYC startups to be recruiting students for internships and great jobs. He mentions a very interesting program called HackNY whose goal is to Establish a sustainable, repeatable summer program matching computationally and quantitatively expert NYC students with NYC - Read More -

December 23, 2010

Going back on the 1st ProductCamp Montreal

This is my personal view on it. Barry and I co-wrote the one that appeared on NextMontreal. Product Manager is one of those jobs that you often learn about when you realize what you’re doing actually has a name. There is multiples paths to become a product manager, all with their advantages and inconvenients, which - Read More -

November 17, 2010

It’s time to leave the bench and try that startup thing

So you’ve been going to startup events, drinks and meetups  for some time now. You’ve tagged more “Top ten startup advices” list in delicious than anyone. You’ve got a few unfinished side projects waiting for you when you complete your next freelance gig. You feel like Fred Wilson have taught you everything about the VC - Read More -

January 20, 2010

How Swix Stole My Startup Idea … and Did It Very Well !

I am about to deliver a big project to a client and I am playing with different ideas on what to do next. Had (yet another) idea couple weeks ago and sent an email to my friend Duncan Moore to validate. Here’s the mail : As more and more brands, agencies, producer and individuals disseminate - Read More -