So you’ve been going to startup events, drinks and meetups  for some time now. You’ve tagged more “Top ten startup advices” list in delicious than anyone. You’ve got a few unfinished side projects waiting for you when you complete your next freelance gig. You feel like Fred Wilson have taught you everything about the VC world.


And then it hit you : You’re still on the benchwith your skates strapped on.


If you feel like you can do it, stop waiting and jump onboard.

I’ve been in Montreal for 4 years and got interested in the startup scene right away. Start reading about it on MontrealTech Watch. I’ve followed Standout Job, Praized and countless others on their rollercoaster rides,  meeting great folks here and there in different events while consulting to pay the bills.

And a few weeks ago, the coach finally called my name and I get to play.

But to be very honest, a lot of that now feels like a big waste of time. Sure you learn by studying others and looking at the game, but you’d get up to speed way faster jumping on the ice right away. Yes you’ll fall and fail, but if you’re smart it won’t happen twice. Or thrice.


With all the new seed funds in Montreal like Real Ventures and Year One Labs and incubator like Bolidea, if you think you’re made for it, stop thinking about it and do it.



If I had the opportunity to go back in time, I’d do things differently. But for now, I’ll just give it my best shot.