I just read  Fred Wilson post on Talent and Bandwidth where he states the obvious need for NYC startups to be recruiting students for internships and great jobs. He mentions a very interesting program called HackNY whose goal is to

Establish a sustainable, repeatable summer program matching computationally and quantitatively expert NYC students with NYC startups

which sounds a lot like the goal of an event I organized twice last year : Bridgecamp.  (@bridgecamp). But HackNY goes one step further by establishing a real program, not just a networking event.

I kinda drop the ball of organizing a second round in September for lack of time and a team, but it seems to be time to bring it back. I honestly don’t care about the name or any politic, I just want to get it going again.  Daniel Haran also commented about it on the Startup Founder group.

Here’s a copy of my comment there as it’s a closed group :

I organized two Bridgecamp events about a year ago aimed at inspiring students to join startups after they graduate or for an internship.

One in McGill where Fred Lalonde gave a great presentation about what is it to be working in a startup and why they should to. Results were mixed as we failed to get the right audience : more MBA/business type than engineering type.

Second was in Laval University where Samuel Bouchard, DuProprio.com CTO told his story and how he’s now launching his own robotic startup. Only engineering students this time.

Only thing is that doing it by myself is a bit too much, even if they are very low-key events. All we need is the proper contact to the engineering departement, a list of startup opportunities in Montreal, a few dollars for pizza and drinks and a great pitch.

After reading about HackNY I thought I had to go back to it. I know the Startupifier guys (Riku and Max) and Sylvain want to help.

Would be great to throw at least two : maybe one in McGill and one at ETS. I was thinking mid-March as I am farily busy until and we want a few good weeks to get a good room of peeps.

Anyone willing to help can email me at thebridgecamp@gmail.com. web : http://bridgecamp.pbworks.com/
Follow us on Twitter : @bridgecamp

Let’s do it.

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