Are you looking for a simple way to find new leads or know who’s interested by your competitor’s product ? Before starting a full-on social media monitoring program, here’s a simple trick you can use for free rapid ROI ;-) If you haven’t use it already, you are going to bump your head because it’s just too simple.

NOTE : This is mainly to find new B2B opportunities.

  1. Search for your biggest, most aggressive competitor’s company in LinkedIn.
  2. Select some top Business Development / Sales / Technical Sales /  Marketing Manager
  3. Check the right-hand side of his profile, in the the “Viewers of this profile also viewed…
    ” box.

What do you find ? At least a good 30-50% of leads you might not already know about. If they interested by that company, chances are they might be ready to know you too.

Does it work ? Yes.

Do you know other simple yet effective social network hack like that ?

Merry Early Christmas.