I am back from a 2 weeks trip with no cell phone, no laptop and no PDA and I survived. Pretty well in fact.

It made me wonder how was I handling everything before this “online world”. And realized that we sometimes forgot details of the process we modified along the way.

Nowadays, you are probably using a web application/ service or technological piece of hardware for most of your important process, whether it’s related to communications and booking, marketing, accounting, leisure, sales or product and project management. Before you decided to drop the old fashioned way of doing things, you probably balanced the pros and cons during long hours. After all, the old fashioned way had got you that far, was probably not totally broken and you had grow comfortable using it.

On top of that, maybe there was some information or nice feature you had to drop because the new way was not offering them yet.

It took you some time to get used to the new thing but you most probably gave hope of going back after a short while and soon you had totally forgotten about the “old way”. And it’s ok.

But maybe it’s time to check what we dropped along the way and start using it again or improving the new way. With UrbanSpoon, Praized, Yelp and others, who still goes up to the hotel concierge to get a restaurant recommendation ? It might know and have an extra pair of tickets for the theater tonight. Who knows ;-)

Go back to what you dropped and see how you can improve the new way.

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