Running is about rhythm. Rhythm gets you into that state when you start forgetting you’re running, forgetting you need to move both legs, need to pace your breathing, keep your back straight, look good (not kidding). It’s when you get into the flow. When running becomes easy, natural and you start thinking about everything but running.

New runners need to find their rhythm to start being good at running. And learn to enjoy running.

I am just starting to run again, after a break of a few months and I am completely out of running shape. I want to run at sub 1:15 half-marathon this spring so I better kick my ass now.

How one find his rhythm? Easy you feel it. Hear yourself breathing (too fast, too loud, not exhausted at all), hear how everything change when you reduce length of the your stride and hear the cadenced sound of your feet hitting the ground. Feel the difference when your arm trust in straight line instead of crossing in front of you. When your arms are in perfect sync with your legs.

I went out for my first over 5k run the other day and quickly remembered how fast you can get into proper rhythm by simply listening to the sound of your shoes hitting the ground. It’s yoga class music to my hears. Play with the length of your stride and it changes.

Get me right, I’ll be running with my iPod in 4 weeks. In the meantime, I listen so I can find my rhythm faster when I go out. You should try too. Next time, leave Steve Jobs gift at home.

Pitch this story to a new running chick and she’s going to fall in love with you.