I just read a post about important traits for entrepreneur that made me think of what I like in the people I prefer to work with. 1 of the 2 traits Elad listed was a “raw capacity to learn”.

They learn from every event. It’s magic.

They turn everything that happens to them into an opportunity to learn something. Doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad, they simply make the most of it. They not only see the glass half-full, they seem to take joy in learning something new, even when things get rough.

It creates some sort of resilience and the drive to go through just about anything as they know they can turn anything on its head. Meeting these people and learning from them is a life quest.

Do you know what kind of people you want to work with ?

PS : I might have found a great person to join us at the core of our social recruiting startup. #fingerscrossed