I’ve always had some problems with vacation policy as they rarely reward hard work. Found out about an interesting Vacation No-Policy going around at NetFlix, GroupOn, Flixster, and Rapleaf.

One of the things a fast growing company can do is constantly look to eliminate unnecessary policies and bureaucracy.   One place to look is your vacation policy:  having your employees track their vacation is demeaning and creates a lot of unnecessary bureaucracy.

Companies like NetFlix, GroupOn, Flixster, and Rapleaf have adopted a new no-policy policy.  It is simple: take as much vacation as you want as long as it is approved by your manager.  Yes, that means that employees will likely take a few more days than the standard two weeks allotted to them.  But those extra days are great benefits to your employees (and rewards for working so hard).  And in this no-policy policy, vacation does not need to be tracked by HR or on payroll — so you save a lot of time and limit internal bureaucracy.  You trust your employees and their manager to do what’s best for the company.

From Auren Hoffman blog, CEO of Rapleaf.

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