This is mostly the reposting of a comment I left on the Tungle ( a nice calendar accelerator startup based in Montreal) blog on a post titled : Entrepreneurs Don’t Golf.

I am supporting his claim and explaining why cycling his a good alternative for entrepreneurs.

I couldn’t agree more and my vote goes to cycling ;-)

1. Cycling is fast. 35-40kph is standard pace, going over 40 when riding in line is easy, sprints starts at 52kph and in a good descent you can  reach 80-90kph, if you can hold the bike !

2. Team is super important on a bike. Just try to ride by yourself with headwind and you’ll quickly understand the value of your team or partners. It’s all about a good lane and perfect execution.

3. Cycling is uber-competitive. Just goes on Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve pretty much every evening of the week or on Camilien Houde on any given afternoon. Nobody want to get passed by another rider. Especially by a girl

4. When both partners know each other style, tactics and strength, they quickly become more than the sum of their part.

5. Creativity. From riding style, sprint tactics and overall strategies, creativity is everywhere.
I would ad, that cycling will get you in MUCH better physical shape than golf, allows for ongoing conversation while riding, only interrupted by attacks if needed and will probably learn you more about a partner, client, investor, supplier or advisor personnality than golf would.

Any other cycling fan in the mtl tech community ?

After that comment, I started thinking about organizing yet another meet-up for mtl tech entrepreneurs cyclists. Something informal, just to meet new riding and business partners.

logo_mainIn the meantime, I went riding around Sutton and Jay Peak last weekend and met a nice guy who told me about ACDA : Association cycliste en développement des affaires, who organize monthly cycling/networking rides. Registration is full for this year, but I’ll surely check them out next year.

Any cycling tech fan in Montreal looking for new riding partners ? In for a new cycling group ? Let’s go rideand talk about circular dependency !