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December 18, 2009

Je veux un nouveau filtre pour mon web à Noël

Pour Noël, je veux pouvoir filtrer me sources d’info et les mentions de mots clés selon les participants et les auteurs. Quand je fais une recherche, je veux qu’on me sorte des conversations se déroulant entre des gens qui correspondent à certain critères que j’aurai défini selon la recherche : domaine d’expertise, degré de proximité, - Read More -

December 2, 2009

What’s wrong with User Ranking so far? Relevancy !

As the web enters a more user-centric era where conversations can be gold mines,  you will soon need the ability to filter content and news based on the influence level of the messenger to cut through the noise. If you are looking for good blogs or discussions about Django (my current framework of development), you - Read More -

November 24, 2009

There’s Never Been A Better Time To Comment On Your Favorite Blogs

Image via CrunchBase Don’t get me wrong, I like Twitter and I use it all the time. But since it became the fastest growing channel, the number of real blog comments have dropped enormously. You often find yourself looking through rows of re-tweets that were collected by a Backtype or Disqus plugin at the bottom - Read More -