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November 1, 2011

If it’s your company, then it’s your fault

If you’re a co-founder,  CEO or simply the boss of the company, everything that sucks about it or that fails is your fault. Don’t even think of blaming the new guy, the young guy or the guy who left for a week in the Bahamas. If one does not know what to do, is not - Read More -

October 28, 2011

Stop listening. Just Build It.

I have a focus problem like most people who likes to build stuff. Therefore I am glad to be surrounded by people that get me back on track when I talk about nice-to-have or features that won’t really move the needle to get us where we want to go. But I’ve stopped listening to anyone - Read More -

October 20, 2011

#StealThisIdea : Todo List + Google Maps

I like optimization, especially when running errands during the weekend. I always find myself figuring the best route to complete all tasks. What do I want? An app to … Alert me when I am close to a business related to an item on my TODO (integration with YellowPages API?). Integration with Google Maps so - Read More -

October 18, 2011

2 choices, 1 rule

I don’t understand how the world got so screwed up when things are simple. You have 2 choices: Do what you really want Spend you life thinking about what it could have been There’s 1 rule: Don’t do to someone else what you don’t want to be done to you All problem comes from people - Read More -

September 17, 2011

Sean McBride, Founder of Amnesty International

I was just reading about the infamous Sabra and Shatila massacre (this horrendous event celebrated its birthday the day after 9/11,  but is much less talked about) and learned about a great man: Sean McBride, one of the founding figures of Amnesty International. He chaired on the 1982 independent commission that concluded that the Israeli - Read More -

September 8, 2011

Simple trick to find developers and designers on Twitter

I just wrote a short sourcing post on matchFWD. It’s a very simple trick I’ve been using to identify mostly developers and designers out of my network. It works for a much broader range of occupation but it’s probably particularly good for theses guys. So picture this, what if every time you find a potential - Read More -

July 26, 2011

Just start talking about it

I’ve been working with software engineers for 13 years, more often than not as one of them. They come in various shapes and types but often as slightly introverted people. Not always the most talkative. They’re smart people, so if they have a problem, they will talk about it. But if not, they often just - Read More -

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